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8 Tips for improving workplace health and wellness

Improving health and wellness at your workplace can lead to increased productivity. Most people focus on improving their health and wellness while at home, but once they get to the office, they drop the mantle and forget about their health and wellness, which is wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether you work alone or you’re an employer; health and wellness in the workplace is important. Therefore, aim to improve health and wellness at your workplace. Failure to improve workplace health and wellness is dangerous. You and your employees will experience continuous fatigue, lack of passion, and increased sick days. But how can you get the job done and create results while you’re sick, it’s impossible, right?

In this article, you will learn 10 tips for improving workplace health and wellness, this way you and your employees will live a healthy, productive life at work.

1. Offer counselling and therapy

As humans, we require counselling once in a while. So organise therapy and counselling at the workplace.

This will help you and your employees share your worries and get your problems off your chest. Remember, a problem once shared is a problem half solved.

Therapy is the best way to improve your workplace health and wellness because it will lead to mental and emotional wellness. If you want to get rid of stress and negativity from the workplace, embrace workplace counselling. Bring in a therapist to the workplace.

This creates a positive environment in the office and fosters a better relationship between employees at the workplace.

Offering and organising therapy at the workplace indicates that you love, care for, and value your employees. They, therefore, reciprocate through hard work, passion, and incredible performance.

Plus, when everyone at work is healthy and well, they perform to their full potential. This increases overall productivity in the workplace.

2. Offer Flexible Hours

The worst mistake you can make is to deny yourself or your employees’ flexible hours. Having flexible hours gives you and everyone at the workplace the flexibility to work whenever you want. It gives you the power to walk into work earlier or later.

But how is this a good thing?

Flexible hours improve your mental and emotional wellness. It boosts your morale because you primarily work when you’re most productive and deliver pure gold.

Flexible hours also involve working from home. This way, you avoid the stress often associated with hanging out at the workplace for too long.

Furthermore, working from home helps you to get enough rest, kick of fatigue and burn out. So that when you report back to the office the next day, you’re rejuvenated and fresh.

Besides, flexible hours allow you and your employees to attend to other responsibilities.

For example, if you’re a parent with flexible hours, you can easily make it to your ballet performance in time. This is important in improving workplace health and wellness as it gives you peace of mind and helps you kick off stress. Also, It enables you to live a balanced life; hence you experience less worry and focus more. This goes to say, concentrate more on your employees’ quality rather than quantity.

3. Encourage desk exercising

Did you know that 81% of UK workers spend 4 -9 hours sitting on their desks every day, totalling 69 sedentary days per year for every employee? And it gets worse the same employees have to sit even more when they get back home.

Sitting for long hours is dangerous for your health. It increases fat, causes high blood pressure and leads to obesity. To avoid such problems at the workplace, encourage desk exercising at the workplace. You can achieve that by encouraging your employees to practice simple exercises like leg pranks and stretches.

This gives you a break from the daunting computer blue screen. Another great way is by encouraging everyone at the workplace to take short walks during breaks on the stairs instead of the elevator. And, ooh, tell them to take the stairs instead of the elevator. They’ll burn up to 1000 calories in 10 minutes.

Besides, you can build standing desks to use when one gets tired of sitting.

4. Hold face-to-face talks

Nothing beats face-to-face communication in promoting health and wellness in the workspace, and as an employer, embrace it where possible in Covid-19.

Face-to-face communication builds trust between you and your employees. It also allows you to get to know your employees on a personal level.

This way, you determine if they have any problems and determine how you can help them because such issues affect workplace health and wellness. They also influence their level of productivity and performance. Use this time to encourage them to look at their mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.

Take things further by introducing a walk and talk meeting with your employees. So instead of sitting in the boardroom next time, walk along with your employees and enjoy the serene, green park and have a breath of fresh air as you talk.

5. Bring in a nutritionist to advise on better eating practices

If you’re ignoring nutrition at your workplace, then you’re compromising the health and wellness of your employees.

As simple as it sounds, nutrition is vital for health and wellness. For this reason, attempt to bring in a dietician or a nutritionist at your workplace.

They will advise you and your employees appropriately on diets and how to make better eating choices. This will help you to maintain health and wellness in your workplace and at home.

Furthermore, the nutritionist will help you design the appropriate program that suits everyone in the workplace.

6. Put healthy, nutritious food in the office

After you’ve brought in a dietitian and they have advised on the appropriate foods to eat in an office setting to promote health and wellness, the next step is to implement the strategies and the programs as recommended by your dietitian. This goes to say put healthy and nutritious food in the office. It’s the only way to promote healthy living and wellness in the workplace.

Instead of the well-celebrated snickers, take a different route and this time, bring fresh apples and fruits. Fruits and flowers are a breath of fresh air in the workplace. Avoid snacks and fast foods at all costs in the office. They only make you sluggish and suck your energy and juices. Other foods you can offer include nuts, dried fruit, avocado, pouches, homemade granola, roasted chickpeas and peanut butter.

7. Promote an active lifestyle

Do you want to improve workplace health and wellness while improving cognitive ability, mental health, and physical look? Well, embrace an active lifestyle at the workplace. Live a proactive life at home and the workplace as well. You’ve probably heard of the phrase prevention is better than cure a gazillion times, but how many people get to practice it? Very few.

Living an active lifestyle in the workplace helps you avoid health problems like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. And better yet, to develop splendid memory and cognitive ability. This leads to effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace and increased productivity in the short and long run.

A great way to promote an active lifestyle at the workplace is by organising and hosting outdoor events and fitness challenge and creating a proper reward system. This will encourage your employees to live an overall healthy lifestyle and improve workplace health and wellness.

8.  Promote taking breaks and rest

This blog wouldn’t be complete without discussing the vital role resting plays in improving health and wellness in a workplace.

Did you know that taking a break helps you to reduce your stress and alleviate your mood?

Therefore, ensure that you and your employees get enough rest. In fact, the greatest thing you can do is to impose compulsory breaks within the office. For example,  lunch breaks.

Resting helps you to rejuvenate and recover your energy. So that when you get back to work, you perform like a beast. Taking a break boosts your creativity and productivity.

Taking a break helps you beat fatigue and clears any sleep disorders that might arise from overworking and cause mental problems at work.

Besides, taking a break is a form of self-love and self-care, and when you encourage that in the office it improves health and wellness in the office.

Also, stop your employees from taking office work home, so that they can rest and get enough sleep. This way they can report working energized, rejuvenated, motivated, and fully charged the next day.


There you have it 8 amazing ways to improve workplace health and wellness   But take it step by step. You don’t have to implement all of them at once.

Start with the one that you feel is the simplest to achieve And then introduce the rest with time. Before you know it you will start to notice changes at your workplace. You will experience a transformation regarding workplace health and wellness.